Prestige System

Players will have an initial level cap of 101.

Once a player reaches level 101, they are able to talk to NPC Sawyer Tobias and activate a Prestige.

When the player has successfully achieved a Prestige, their Skill Point multiplier will increase by 0.1

Their level Cap will increase by 5 Levels and this must be achieved before they can Prestige Again.

Players will be awarded 20 Skill Points when they Prestige.

All Skills will be reset to 0.

Players will keep all Skill Points that have not been allocated, allowing players to stack their skill points.

Leveling System

Every level will require 100,000 EXP.

Mobs the same level as the player will give 1000 EXP

Each level a mob is higher than the player, you will receive a 2% EXP Bonus.

Each level a mob is lower than the player, you will be deducted 5% EXP.

Regeneration System (Regen)

The Regeneration Button (Red Heart) Will regenerate Health Points and Mana Points when activated.

Regen will also give passive Experience Points at a rate of 1 EXP per second. Passive Experience will stop 5 Levels prior to level cap and another level will be deducted for each Prestige Level.


Prestige 0 = Stop Gaining Regen EXP 5 Levels before level cap.

Prestige 1 = Stop Gaining Regen EXP 6 Levels before level cap.

Prestige 2 = Stop Gaining Regen EXP 7 Levels before level cap.

Prestige 3 = Stop Gaining Regen EXP 8 Levels before level cap.


In order to activate Regen, you must not be performing ANY action. You must not be engaged in battle for 5 seconds.

Skill Point System

Players can receive 20 FREE Skill Points at NPC Ebenezer Loxley.

Each Level achieved will award you 3 Skill Points.

Each Prestige achieved will award you 20 Skill Points.